Viange Culture

Viange Hair, Beauty and Style

VIANGE HAIR; a studio where every Stylist can be an Artist.

VIANGE cultivates Individuality, stands behind Luxury, and Empowers Personal Style with Confidence.

The truth Behind VI ANGE:
Infusing Japanese-American BEAUTY TRENDS & STYLE;
VI - meaning Beautiful in Japanese
ANGE - representing the word Angel

VIANGE develops conceptual Beauty Trends inspired by the diverse personal lifestyles that you share with us.

VIANGE defines Beauty with a VI-approach, tailored and treated to your VI-Lifestyle.

Mission Statement

To open the door to beauty's boundless possibilities.

Brand Story

The mirror in front of you in every one of our salons is a doorway. A doorway to boundless possibilities. Each and every one of our stylists is not merely a skilled technician or an artist. We are ruthless explorers and trusted connoisseurs leading you to a world you've never seen before. The world of true beauty.

To some people, beauty may be about appearances, perfection or luxury. To Viange Hair, it's so much more than that. True beauty is a state of mind. It's about embracing diversity— having an open mind to different shapes, colors, values, cultures, and lifestyles. It's about exploring boundless possibilities.

True beauty is different with each and every one of us. True beauty may change from time to time. True beauty may be hiding within. That's why our stylists never stop exploring. We strive to build relationships of trust so we can lead you to a world beyond your expectation and imagination.

No boundaries. No limits. Just boundless possibilities.

Corporate History

NOV 2013 - Viange Hair San Francisco flagship store opens (Tillman Place)

MAR 2014 - Viange Hair San Francisco second store opens (Geary Street)

NOV 2014 - Viange Hair Saratoga store opens (First salon in South Bay)

JAN 2016 - Viange Hair Dublin store opens (First salon in East Bay)

MAR 2017 - Viange Hair Dallas, TX store opens (First salon in Texas)

About Viange Hair


CEO: Yumiko Hashimoto

Address: 7196 Regional Street, Dublin, CA 94568

Phone: 925-361-5376

Business Description:
Beauty Services (hair salon, nail, esthetic, skin care)
Beauty Products (manufacturing and distribution)

Employees: 30

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